2007 - Rack n' Roll

The Game

Rack 'n Roll was played with inflatable tubes. In autonomous mode teams could place tubes called "Keepers" on a central rack tower that would nullify any points scored on that peg later in the game. After autonomous, teams would score points with "Ringer" tubes that were placed on the tower. Robots could also place black "Spoiler" tubes which caused the peg to be ignored when scoring tubes. The Spoiler tubes could be moved and re-positioned. At the end of the match, teams could earn bonus points if a robot was in its alliance end-zone and was lifted off the ground. If the robot was 4 inches off the ground it could earn 15 points, if it was 12 or more inches off of the ground it could earn 30 points.

Our Team

Our team is made up of 17 students and numerous wonderful mentors. 

Check out our 2007 scrapbook.

Our Robot

Our robot was capable of placing tubes on the rack and it was a good defensive robot.

Our robot, the Corsair, had a large claw that it could use to place tubes on the rack. The claw could rotate, but it was in a fixed position so it could only handle tubes that were handed to it and it could only place tubes on one level of the rack.

2007 Robot (Winning Alliance).jpg (598×600)


We came away as Regional Champions with Team 1425, Error Code and Team 245, Cheesy Poofs at the Nevada Regional in Las Vegas. We also won the Rookie All-Star Award at the same regional allowing us to attend the World Championships in Atlanta.

Newton Division - Atlanta Georgia (April 12-14, 2007)

Las Vegas Regional - Las Vegas Nevada (March 29-31, 2007)

Rookie All Star Award
Regional Winner
1425 Error Code Xero
254 Cheesy Poofs
1983 Skunk Works Robotics

Pacific Northwest Regional - Portland Oregon (March 1-3, 2007)

Imagery Award

FIRST VEX Competition - Washington

Runner Up


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