2008 - FIRST Overdrive

The Game

The game for 2008 was Overdrive. This game was played on a field divided in half lengthwise with a fence that separated the field into Red and Blue alliance zones. An overpass divided the field widthwise that also marked the "finish lines" for the alliances. Teams could place 40 inch diameter "trackballs" on top of this overpass. In the 15 second Hybrid period, teams could score points by knocking their alliance's trackballs off of the overpass, completing laps around the track, and passing trackballs over the overpass. In the teleoperated mode, robots could continue scoring in the same way. At the end of the game, however, if an alliance's trackball was placed on top of the overpass, the alliance would receive an extra 12 points.

Our Team

Check out our 2008 scrapbook.

Our Robot

Our robot was designed to be able to carry a trackball and pass it above the overpass and drive around the track. The robot could raise the ball high enough to toss it over the overpass, or place it on top of the overpass. It could also drive quickly around the track to score extra points.

This robot, Das √úberstinktier, had a ladder-based lift mechanism that could also tilt backwards when carrying a trackball so as not to damage anything. Trackballs were held with large carbon-fiber claws that could wrap around it. The drive base had two powered traction wheels in the front and two unpowered omni-wheels in the back. This drive configuration was not the best as it did result in fishtailing when driving around corners.


With this robot we were Regional Champions at the Microsoft Seattle Regional with Team 2046,Tahoma Robotics Club and Team 949, The Atom Smashers. We also won the Engineering Inspiration Award, double-qualifying us to attend the World Championships. At the Championships in Atlanta we ranked 5th out of 90 teams in our division.

Galileo Division - Atlanta Georgia (April 17-19, 2008)

Microsoft Seattle Regional - Seattle Washington (March 20-22, 2008)

Delphi "Driving Tomorrow's Technology" Award
Engineering Inspiration Award
2046 Tahoma Robotics Club
949 The Atom Smashers
1983, Skunk Works Robotics

Oregon Regional - Portland Oregon (Feb 28- March 1, 2008)

Underwriters Laboratory Industrial Safety Award
Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers Entrepreneurship Award

FTC State Championship - Washington

Motivate Award


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