2009 - Lunacy

The Game

2009 LunacyLogo.jpg (400×128)Lunacy was designed to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the United States of America landing on the moon. This game was played on a field made of a plastic material called "regolith" as it mimicked the lunar surface in terms of friction. Because the moon has 1/6th the gravity of Earth, it is difficult to move as one would on Earth. Robots had to maneuver the 2009 T-shirt Logo.jpg (142×150)gamefield on this "regolith" material while driving with slick plastic wheels This made it difficult to maneuver accurately. Teams also had to shoot woven plastic balls, or moon rocks, into trailers that were towed by the opposing alliance. Robots could also collect special "empty cells" that could be scored like a normal moon rock, or could be traded in at a special "fueling station" for a "super cell", which was worth 15 points in the last 20 seconds of the game.

Our Team

2009 Team Photo.jpg (800×389)

Our team consists of 30 students and our wonderful mentors. 

Check out our 2009 scrapbook.

Our Robot

Our strategy involved scoring quickly and accurately. The robot could maneuver relatively easily with a swerve drive and line up and aim into an opponent's trailer easily.

Our robot, the Stench, collected moon rocks with a conveyor system made of plastic tubing. Balls could be collected off of the floor and sucked directly into the conveyor system. Balls could be launched out of the robot with a separately controlled conveyor at the top of the robot. The robot could maneuver well with a half-swerve drive. Each wheel in this drive system could turn independently, allowing the robot to move without having to change its orientation.


We were Regional Champions at the Autodesk Oregon Regional with Team 1318, IRS and Team 2635, The Lake Monsters, allowing us to qualify for the World Championships. At the Microsoft Seattle Regional we also won the Motorola Quality Award. We ended up ranked 12th out of 87 teams in our division in Atlanta.

Curie Division - Atlanta Georgia (April 16-18, 2009)

Microsoft Seattle Regional - Seattle Washington (March 26-28, 2009)

Motorola Quality Award

Oregon Regional - Portland Oregon (March 5-7, 2009)

Delphi "Driving Tomorrow's Technology" Award

1318 Issaquah Robotics Society
2635 Lake Monsters
1983, Skunk Works Robotics
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