Involvement in Our School

Raisbeck Aviation High School is very supportive of Skunk Works Robotics and we are very supportive of RAHS. The school provides our team with classroom and shop facilities. RAHS hosts a FIRST Lego League Challenge and provides space for us to set up a practice field for FRC teams. Skunk Works is active in the school, assisting with events and meeting with dignitaries. Members of the team (students and parents) are also involved in other school activities and clubs.


Since Raisbeck Aviation High School has only one other "physical" sport team, Skunk Works has become the “football team” of the school. With pep rallies and robot displays, Skunk Works is a large focus of school spirit.

Visiting Dignitaries

Dignitaries have come to Raisbeck Aviation High School and met our robot and team members. These visiting dignitaries include Washington’s governor, Jay Inslee, and Senator Murray, legislators, the president of Embry-Riddle, Boeing Airplane Company CEO, Jim Albaugh, Esterline CEO, Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan, the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA), Pathfinder Award recipients, Carolyn Corvi and Steve Fulton, and several corporate heads. They were interested in what we had learned and what impact the FIRST experience had on us. We were happy to let them know and share our stories and aspirations for the future.

Fundraising Auction

Every year, Skunk Works team members help with the school’s annual fundraising dinner and auction held at the Museum of Flight in Seattle. This also gives us a chance to demonstrate our robots and show what FIRST is all about. We also auction off our team's services and skunk related items.

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