Skunk Works thanks the many people, organizations and companies who have helped make our robotics team, its experiences and opportunities possible. Below are examples of how they have made a difference.


Our mentors provide guidance and training. They help make FIRST an outstanding learning experience and provide inspiration and knowledge for their future.


Our coach supports and encourages us to learn and become more confident. He has developed us into the fine students we are today.


Without the support of the PTSA, we would not have been able to attend competitions over the years. We thank them for trusting that we can do great things if we are given the chance.


We give many thanks to Raisbeck Aviation High School and their support throughout the six week, grueling build season and both students and teachers for putting up with our exhausted, driven students the morning after a long night's work. Without them we would not have a place to meet and work.


The parents have been extremely supportive, from organizing team dinners and activities during the build season and competitions to driving the students to and from meetings at all hours of the day and night.

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