2011 - Logomotion

The Game

2011 FRC_LOGO_MOTION_sml.png (300×123)The 2011 season's game was Logo Motion. The object of this game was to carry inflated tubes, in the shape of components of the FIRST logo, and hang them on pegs at the ends of the game field. In the first 15 second autonomous period, teams could hang yellow "uber-tubes" on the peg rack to score double points when a regular tube was hung over it. In the last 30 seconds of the match, teams had the opportunity to launch minibots that would race up an aluminum pole to score bonus points.

Our Team 

Our team consists of 34 students and our lovely mentors.

Check out our 2011 scrapbook.

Our Robot

Our strategy in this game was to be able to hang at least one uber-tube in autonomous, be able to pick up tubes off of the ground and hang them as quickly as possible. We could also launch a minibot onto the racing pole and have it climb the pole in roughly two seconds.

Our robot, Skunk.I.Am, was capable of hanging tubes on all three levels of the scoring rack. The end effector, or scoring mechanism on the robot was a pneumatic "popper." Using pneumatics, the end effector could push the tube onto the peg. We also built several types of minibots for the end-game. The final mini-bot could be launched onto the pole, attach with a magnet and drive up the pole with direct drive wheels.


This was a very successful robot. Its unique "popper" mechanism was awarded the Creativity Award at the St. Louis Championships and we won the Engineering Excellence Award in both the Autodesk Oregon Regional and the Cascade Seattle Regional, in addition to the Engineering Inspiration Award in Seattle.

We qualified to go to the St. Louis Championships where we placed first in our division and we were able to pick our alliance which consisted of Team 2363 Triple Helix and Team 1519 Mechanical Mayhem. Unfortunately, we did not progress past the quarter-finals for the division.

Championship- St Louis Missouri (April 30, 2011)

Creativity Award sponsored by Xerox

Dean's List Award Winner, Lydia Johnston

Curie Division - St Louis Missouri (April 27-30, 2011)

Rank 6 with a record of 8-4-0, eliminated in quarter finals

Seattle Cascade Regional - Seattle Washington (March 17-19, 2011)

Engineering Excellence Award sponsored by Delphi

Engineering Inspiration

Volunteer of the Year Award, Robert Steele

Woodie Flowers Award Winner, Robert Steele

Dean's List Finalist, Lydia Johnston

Autodesk Oregon Regional - Portland Oregon (March 24-26, 2011)

Website Award

Industrial Safety Award sponsored by Underwriters Laboratories

Engineering Excellence Award sponsored by Delphi

FIRST Washington Engineering Challenge

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